Buyer Studio: Presets

Learn how schema presets let buyers quickly access the attributes they want over multiple subscriptions.


New buyers looking to learn how to create a subscription in Buyer Studio should first check out Buyer Studio: Introduction 

Custom Schema Presets

Buyer Studio allows users to group a collection of attributes they intend to purchase through Custom Schema Presets and Narrative Schema Presets. Custom Schema Presets can be found on the left side navigation bar within Buyer Studio. These presets allow users to reactivate or create a similar subscription without having to go back and add all the attributes tied to the old subscription's schema.


Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 3.40.31 PM

Custom Schema Presets follows a similar workflow to the New Subscription button. The user clicks "Create New Preset," fills out the preset's name and description, and then selects all the attributes they want as deliverable/filterable in the subscription. However, before the user activates their subscription, they are first brought to the "Saved Presets" screen where their new preset is ready to be activated. Users can then click the "New Subscription" button in line with their preset and go through the normal checkout process. 



Example: A user wants to create a subscription that delivers unique identifiers for 22 year old Brazilian males as part of a larger marketing campaign. The user creates a custom preset with age, gender, timestamp, unique identifier, and country code attributes and adds filters for each. One week later the user realizes they need to expand the age range to 22-28 year olds. Instead of starting from scratch, the user selects the "Brazilian Males" preset they made a week earlier and adds a new set of filters. 

Narrative Schema Presets 

Narrative Schema Presets represent Narrative customers' most popular subscription use cases. Just like Custom Schema Presets, Narrative Schema Presets skip the attribute selection step during the checkout process and help customers set up their order faster. Narrative constantly checks orders coming into the platform and adjusts its presets to accommodate subscriptions that buyers may be interested in purchasing. 


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New to the data purchasing world? Narrative Schema Presets aid buyers through the subscription process by allowing them to focus less on customizability and more on their use case. A user may know that they want to buy a specific group's IP addresses, but may not know what data types go into that order. Selecting the "IP Address" preset under Narrative Schema Presets takes out the uncertainty around this use case.