What is a Company ID?

Each Narrative partner is assigned a unique identifier to represent their organization.


A Company ID is a unique identifier that is assigned to each partner/customer on the Narrative Data Streaming platform.  It is used to identify the relation to both objects (orders, lists, etc) and data points to their owners and originators.

How do I find the company name associated with an ID?

The easiest way to determine the human-readable company name that is associated with a given company ID is to use the Discover section of the platform.  Choose Discover->Partners to see a list of all of the partners.  If you then click on any partner, you will be able to see their Company ID by looking at the resulting URL which comes in the form of:


For a full list of partners/companies and their associated Company IDs, please contact us

What is the Company ID for my Organization?

If you need to determine the Company ID for your own organization please contact us or reach out to your Partner Success representative.