How do I purchase a Data Stream?

Learn about Data Streams and how they work.


A data stream is a precisely defined collection of raw data points that can be bought on an ongoing basis, ensuring that you always have fresh data to suit your needs.

Data streams are available for purchase on the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace.

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How it Works

1. Find Data Streams

Browse thousands of data streams on the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace and choose the specific raw data for your project.

When you see a data stream of interest, select the "Checkout" workflow. 

2. Set Price and Volume

Decide how much you’d like to spend per month or how much data you need access to.

Subscriptions renew automatically at the start of every month and can be canceled at any time. Data will stop being delivered until the next month if your budget has been reached.  

3. Choose Delivery

Select an endpoint for your data stream, whether that’s a Facebook Ads audience or preparing files for manual download from the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace.

4. Activate Subscription

Add a credit card or select an existing card on file.

Complete your subscription and wait for your data stream to download automatically to your endpoint in one hour.

Each delivered data point can be used for a 30-day license period, and your subscription will renew at the start of the month to ensure a constant stream of fresh data.