How do I use Data Discovery Assistant?

Learn how to use Narrative's Data Discovery Assistant to quickly uncover new sources of predictive data


The Data Discovery Assistant leverages seed data in the form of either User-ID List (MAIDs only) or App List (URIs / bundles) to help uncover high-value apps. Simply upload a list and Narrative will analyze & produce a report to help discover attributes with the highest correlation to the seed data. Data Discovery Assistant currently supports analyzing MAIDs & Apps only. 

Getting Started

To start, create a New Report and choose either a MAID or App list for Narrative to analyze as your seed data. Select an existing MAID list in your account or manually input a list of App URIs.

New Report - App

Create a New Report from URIs

New Report - User ID List

Create a New Report from an ID List



  • The first view provided is the Scatterplot
  • The X axis (ID Count) represents how many MAIDs are associated with each data point
  • The Y axis (NPMI) is the Normalized Pointwise Mutual Information
Pointwise Mutual Information is a way of measuring the relation between two 
events. When normalized (as in NPMI), this relation is represented by a
number between -1 and 1. When knowing that one event occurs gives you more
information about the likelihood of a second event occurring, the score
between the two events moves closer to 1. A score of 0 indicates that
knowing about one event tells you nothing about the likelihood of the second
event occurring.
  • The Data Points on the graph represent an Application that falls between the values of the X & Y axis.
  • Click a specific app to get more information associated with that data point, including ID Count & NPMI.

Data Discovery Assistant Scatterplot

  • Adjust Values of the X & Y axis to change the view of the data. Use either slider to focus on data points that fall between a specific NPMI or ID Count range. 

Score FilterScale Filter


  • Table View provides the same data but in list-view with both NPMI Score & ID visible, can be sorted by Name, Score, or ID Count
  • Click an App to see the App Store or Google Play page
  • If an app does not display an icon or link, the app is no longer available for download

Data Discovery Assistant Table View



What does a negative NPMI score mean?

A negative score assigned to an app on the scatter/table view means that the seed data being analyzed (MAIDs or Apps) is less-likely to use that app.

Can I change what type of data I see in the report?

Currently, the Data Discovery Assistant uses Apps as the main data point of comparison to the seed data.