Production Data Requirements

To ensure your future data sales run smoothly, follow these guidelines continuously for all ongoing data ingestion.

Much like your previous Sample Data, your Production Data should follow similar schema and settings.


Our Partner Success team will create and provide to you:

  • S3 Bucket Name
  • Amazon Resource Number
  • Amazon Access Key
  • Amazon Secret Key
Note: Distribute Basic Partners can only use a Narrative owned bucket


Be sure to always follow Narrative’s standard schema. If you need to make any changes, you must notify your Partner Success representative before doing so. If your Sample Data has previously been approved, please follow the exact same schema.

Refer to the Narrative Data Dictionary for standard schema's by data type


Please send samples to the bucket that was provided to you by your Partner Success team member, it should look like the following:

  • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/

If your bucket was created before 2018, it will be named with “integrations” instead.

  • s3://narrative-integrations-[company]/production/


Upload your data broken down by data type:

  • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/[datatype]/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/age/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/devicec/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/digitalc/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/idmap/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/gender/
      • s3://narrative-from-[company]/production/location/


    • File Type: .csv (csv.gz files are acceptable)
    • File Name: <YYMMDD>_datatype.csv

    Please Note: zip files other than csv.gz are not accepted at this time


    Set up your data to deliver automatically on a set cadence. For reference, average delivery cadences are currently as follows:

    • ID Mapping: Daily
    • Device Characteristics: Daily
    • Digital Consumption: Daily
    • Location: Daily
    • Demographics: Bi-annually