Distribute Welcome Guide

Looking to sell data on the Narrative Marketplace? Here's some information to get you off to a smooth start.


Use the Distribute Onboarding Timeline guide for more in-depth information with technical specifications.

The timeline can vary in length depending on a few things:

1. How quickly your team can send us everything we need to get you started.

2. How well your data matches our standard schema.


Sample Data

In order to make sure your data works in our system, follow the Sample Data Requirements to upload a sample. This way we can get your data to the most amount of buyers quickly and efficiently

Current, Ongoing & Historical

After our team is able to give your sample data the green light, use the Data Ingestion Guide to set up your AWS S3 buckets for current, ongoing, and historical production data.

To ensure smooth and quick onboarding, have a tech lead involved with setting up your data ingestion.


For any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Partner Success Team