How do I use time constraints on the data I buy?

Effectively use different time constraints to accurately sell the data that's most important to you


Time constraints are an important factor when setting up a new Sell Offer and will dictate which of your data and how much of it will be available through that offer. 

Timestamp Attributes in Narrative's Data Studio

  • Event timestamp

    • When the data observation occurred, recorded by the Supplier

    • Recency Constraint & Date Range read off this timestamp

  • Ingestion timestamp

    • When the data is sent to Narrative

    • All data goes into Cold Storage after 90-days, read off of this timestamp

Time Constraints 

Recency Constraint

  • Eligible window to buy data from today's date, based on event timestamp
  • Adjust recency between days / weeks 
  • Recency always starts from today's date and looks backwards from there
  • i.e. Sell MAIDs that uninstalled (event) GameApp within last 30 days (timestamp)

Date Range

  • Eligible window to buy data from, based on event timestamp
  • Start & end dates can be adjusted for Date Range
  • Date Range end date can be left "indefinite", order will continue to buy new data as it becomes available 

Example 1


Example 2