How do I become a data seller?

Becoming a first time data seller can be a daunting endeavor. Narrative make's it easier than ever. Here are a few steps to getting started.

Data selling pain points:

  1. Selling data directly requires you to either already have a relationship with a company that might want to buy your data, or to do research and find a potential buyer.
  2. Selling your data to a data aggregator or another similar company that will sell data on your behalf means you don’t have nearly as much control over the transactions, and you may not get as favorable of a price.
  3. Integrating with all your different buyers means spending time and money implementing and managing full time technical teams and solutions
  4. Working with many different buyers means many different contracts and a lot of red lines

Narrative’s Solutions:

  1. Narrative allows you to access instant demand for your data without any prior relationships. On top of our current Acquire partnerships, our sales team is constantly focused on building our marketplace out to more buyers.
  2. With yield management tools and a dedicated partner success team, you can make informed pricing decisions based on market conditions so you can always sell for the price you want.
  3. Onboarding as a supplier is easy, allowing you to empower your engineering team to work on the big problems.
  4. Being able to manage your data buyers, orders, and billing through an intuitive interface means less back and forth between departments.
  5. Narrative’s standardized data licensing terms means you and your buyers will only need to agree on terms and conditions once.

With Narrative’s Data Stream Marketplace you can integrate, manage, and distribute your data all in one place.