How do I control the price of my data?

Review best practices when setting up sell offers within Narrative's marketplaces


Data providers have full control over the way they price their data products. Typically, sell offers are created based on a specific data package type with the options to customize based on a variety of configurations.

Pricing Models

There are usually three pricing models for data being sold through Narrative's marketplaces.

  • Subscription: Gives you access to a real time data delivery on a 30 day subscription basis.
  • One time buy order: You set up a Buy Order with a specified budget that can transact once or set up to recur over a specific time period
  • Direct deal: If you have specific needs, you can discuss this with the data provider to come to terms that work best for you.

CPM Pricing

CPM pricing is based on raw records with a 30 day omni-use license. Buyers are given unlimited use of the licensed data within the 30 day timeframe, after which the data is automatically purged.

Sell Offers

Within both open and private marketplaces, data providers have full control over how they can price and sell their data products. Follow these guidelines on how to create a Sell Offer.