How do I use Acquire Reports?

Acquire reports allow data buyers to quickly understand how they are leveraging their data budget. Reports can be broken out by suppliers and data packages.


Acquire Reports allow partners to understand their company's purchases both in the Narrative Marketplace and in direct deals.

Insights are updated daily, with data available up to the previous day. You can change your view by billing period: month, quarter, year, and all-time (starting September 1, 2019).

Acquire Reports

Acquire transactions are measured across two dimensions: spend and the number of observations purchased.

Spend: the value of purchased data, plus marketplace fees

Observations: the number of events purchased from a seller

Excluded from spend:

  • Direct deals (displayed as $0, though observations are accurate)
  • Narrative Platform fees

Spend and observation count can be viewed overall, by order (and line item and supplier), and by supplier.


You can see overall spend, observation count, and order count for your report time range at the top of the page.

By Order

The main body of the report describes company spend and observation counts by active orders and direct deals during the report time range.

Clicking "Line items" will expand each order's line items that delivered observations during the time range. Opening the "Suppliers" modal will show a breakdown of spend and observation count from each supplier that contributed to your order.

Top Suppliers

The bottom of the report shows the 3 suppliers who enjoyed the largest share of your data budget. Clicking "See all current suppliers" will display the full supplier breakdown for your report time range.

Hovering over a data package icon will display the name of the data package.