How do I use List Manager?

Follow these steps to upload ID Lists and manage lists using the Narrative List Manager.


The List Manager is a service for managing and uploading lists to your company account on the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace. This document outlines the process needed to create and archive ID Lists in List Manager.

Currently, the List Manager allows you to upload files of MAIDs, hashed emails, and raw emails that will be hashed on your computer prior to upload.

Learn more about accepted file formats and ID types

Accessing List Manager

To access the List Manager from the Data Streams Marketplace, click your initials in the upper-right corner to expand the navigation menu. Then, click List Manager.

Any active lists already uploaded to your company account will be displayed here. You can click a list to expand it and see its description and tags.

Creating a List


  1. From the List Manager, click New List to create a list.
  2. Choose a file of IDs.
    1. Learn more about accepted file formats and ID types. 
    2. Click and drag the file into the list uploader, or click Browse Files to locate and select a file using your browser file explorer and select Process List
  3. Save your file.
    1. Name your file to save it as a list.
    2. You can also add an optional description and tags, separated by commas.
  4. Continue and upload.
    1. After clicking Continue, your list will be uploaded and saved.
    2. Your list will appear in the List Manager after 10-15 minutes.

It may take 15 minutes for your list to appear in List Manager.

If your list is still not showing up, please use the Narrative chatbot or reach out to for assistance.

Archiving a List

To remove a list from List Manager, select a list and click Archive List. Once you confirm the archive, the list will disappear from the view.