How do I use Universal Onboarding?

Upload your offline customer data and find their digital ID matches.


Universal Onboarding is an app for matching your offline customer data with digital IDs in a simple workflow. Use it to improve personalization, boost your media reach, and measure your marketing efforts' real impact.

The app is available for free installation on the Narrative app platform.

Install Universal Onboarding

  1. If you haven't already, you can install the Universal Onboarding app for free from the Narrative app platform here and pay only for your data costs. We also offer paid versions of Universal Onboarding.
    See also: How is Universal Onboarding priced?
  2. Launch the Universal Onboarding app. For the best app experience, please use Google Chrome as your web browser. 
  3. In the Universal Onboarding app, click Start Onboarding (or New Onboarding in the app sidebar) to begin onboarding your customer data.

Place a subscription

1. Source

At this time, Universal Onboarding supports email to MAID onboarding. Source data should take the form of raw or hashed emails.

Upload a File to select a .TXT or .CSV file of raw emails that will be hashed locally on your computer before upload, or a file of already hashed emails. You can read more details about accepted file formats here.

You can also click Pick existing list to choose a list of hashed emails from your List Selector. 

2. Match

Get a match forecast in real time.

Click Start Matching to calculate the estimated number of IDs from your source data that we can onboard to at least one addressable ID.

3. Destination

See the number of mobile ad IDs connected to your source data that we can deliver to your Onboarded Subscriptions page for download.

Have destinations you'd like us to support? Please let us know.

4. Budget

Set your monthly spending limit.

In Universal Onboarding, you pay only for connected, deliverable IDs. Your budget is the maximum amount you will pay for matched, onboarded IDs each month. 

Data will stop being delivered until the next month if your budget has been reached.  Deliveries will resume at the beginning of the next calendar month.

5. Payment

Choose a payment method for your account to continue. 

6. Confirmation

Verify your subscription details, then Activate Subscription to receive your first delivery of onboarded IDs in 1-2 hours.

Each delivered ID can be used for a 30-day license period, and your subscription will renew at the start of the next month to ensure continued addressability of your onboarded customers.

Receive onboarded data

1-2 hours after your subscription is placed, your onboarded IDs will be delivered to your Onboarded Subscriptions page in the Universal Onboarding app for download.

After the initial delivery of your onboarded IDs, new IDs will be matched and delivered on a weekly basis as long as your subscription remains active.  The first weekly delivery may happen sooner than a week after your initial order.