How do subscriptions work in Universal Onboarding?

Universal Onboarding ensures a steady stream of up-to-date, addressable IDs at a budget you control.

Monthly Subscription Renewal

Universal Onboarding subscriptions renew monthly so that you can always use your onboarded data.

When placing a Universal Onboarding subscription, you select your budget and the approximate volume of connected IDs to deliver to your chosen destinations. Each delivered ID can be used for a 30-day license period, and your subscription will renew at the start of the month to ensure continued addressability of your onboarded customers.


Initial Delivery in an Hour

Once you activate a Universal Onboarding subscription, we immediately start sifting through billions of identity data points to match and deliver your connected IDs. The process usually takes less than an hour but sometimes can take up to 2 hours.

Subsequent Weekly Deliveries

After the initial delivery of your onboarded IDs, new IDs will be matched and delivered on a weekly basis as long as your subscription remains active.  The first weekly delivery may happen sooner than a week after your initial order. 

Budget Impacting Delivery

Data will stop being delivered until the next month if your budget has been reached.  Deliveries will resume at the beginning of the next calendar month.