How is Universal Onboarding different from ID Mapping?

Learn about the differences between the Universal Onboarding solution and raw ID Mapping data.


Universal Onboarding is an app for end-to-end data onboarding. You can use Universal Onboarding to match offline customer data with digital IDs found on the Narrative Data Streaming Platform and push the digital IDs to other platforms, all within the app.

Identifier Mapping, or ID Mapping, is a raw data type that can be bought or sold on the Narrative Data Streaming Platform. An ID Mapping observation links two identifiers describing one person, device, or household; for example, a SHA-256 hashed email to an IDFA.

You can learn more about ID Mapping here.

Differences between Universal Onboarding and ID Mapping

Delivery Output

A Universal Onboarding subscription will deliver a flat list of digital IDs to your chosen destinations. All delivered IDs correspond to an ID from your onboarding source data. Linkages between the delivered IDs and starting IDs are available as an upsell.

An ID Mapping subscription will deliver linked pairs of two IDs to your chosen destinations. All purchased observations correspond to the ID Mapping schema. All delivered observations meet the criteria of your selected filters in your Data Studio order.


In Universal Onboarding, you pay only for matched, addressable data. For example, if you want to use your onboarded data in the Trade Desk, then MAIDs and Trade Desk cookie IDs will be delivered to your Trade Desk destination, where they will be available for targeting.

When buying raw ID Mapping data, you receive all ID linkages matching your chosen ID List(s) and Data Studio filters in raw. There is no guarantee of the volume of addressable IDs in your delivered data.

Data Pricing

All observations on the Narrative Data Streaming Platform are priced by the seller. Depending on your company contract, Narrative may take a percentage of the transacted data value.

The cost to onboard an ID in Universal Onboarding is the cheapest combination of ID Mapping observations needed to reach an addressable ID from a starting ID.

Each ID Mapping observation is priced by the seller.


Universal Onboarding is available in four different app access plans, including a free plan. You can learn more about Universal Onboarding pricing here.

ID Mapping data is available for sale on the marketplace for those enrolled in enterprise platform plans. If you're interested in buying ID Mapping data, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager.

When should I use Universal Onboarding?

Use Universal Onboarding to bring offline data online. If you have individuals, devices, or households that you want to reach and target online, Universal Onboarding is for you.

When should I buy ID Mapping data?

Buy ID Mapping data when you need specific ID linkages and contextual information such as event timestamp.

As a raw data type, ID Mapping data can be used to support any use case, including feeding data models or building an identity graph.