How is Universal Onboarding priced?

Universal Onboarding pricing includes:

  1. Monthly app access fee
  2. Data costs, consisting of:
    1. Transacted data value
    2. Marketplace fee

Monthly App Access Fee

The monthly app access fee is the cost each month to use the Universal Onboarding app and its underlying technologies. The app is available in four different plans:

  1. Free (Deliver up to 500,000 IDs per month and have a maximum of one active subscription)
  2. Small Data (Deliver up to 2 million IDs per month)
  3. Big Data (Deliver up to 5 million IDs per month)
  4. Custom (Build a plan for your unique business needs)

Each app tier is available in a month-to-month access plan so that you can cancel the next month at any time.

Purchasing a 12-month plan will grant you a discount of $1000 per month:

Small Data: $2299 month-to-month vs. $1299/month for a 12-month commitment ($15588/year)

Big Data: $3499 month-to-month vs. $2499/month for a 12-month commitment ($29988/year)

Data Costs

Data costs consist of the transacted data value and a marketplace fee.

Transacted Data Value

When you place a Universal Onboarding subscription, you pay only for matched IDs and the observations traversed to reach a deliverable ID. Because you only pay for data that can be matched and onboarded, you can upload as many customers as you like at no risk.

You pay providers directly for the data you buy, at rates set by each provider. The cost of data purchased is the transacted data value (TDV).

For example, if in a Universal Onboarding subscription you buy 10,000 observations from Provider A at $1 CPM and 5,000 observations from Provider B at $2 CPM, you will pay $10 to Provider A and $2.50 to Provider B.

Marketplace Fee

Depending on your company contract, Narrative may take a percentage of the TDV from the buyer and from the seller. The percentage that Narrative collects from the transacted data value is the marketplace fee.

For example, if your marketplace fee margin is 30% and your transacted data value is $10, you will pay an additional $3 to Narrative. The total cost of your data is $13.