How long will data files with personally identifiable information be stored by the onboarder?

Learn about Narrative's privacy-first approach to data onboarding, in which hashed emails are stored instead of PII.

Absolutely no personal identifiable information (PII) is read, stored, or otherwise accessed by Narrative or any parties on the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace.

When you upload a file containing raw email addresses to the Universal Onboarding app, the raw email addresses are hashed into MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 hashed emails directly on your computer before entering the app. The hashed emails are saved to your Narrative account as an ID list. The hashed emails are then onboarded to addressable MAID and cookie ID types. Your customer data is never exposed to any providers.

Your PII is never seen by Narrative or any of the providers in Universal Onboarding or the Data Streams Marketplace.