Transforming Email & Cookie Data 

Review a sample use case of how Narrative can be leveraged to perform tasks like ID Mapping and data enhancement against a 1st party data list


Retailer Z is sitting on a large list of hashed customer email addresses & cookie IDs, collected mostly through online customer activity and newsletter signups. This list, while helpful for email marketing and basic desktop retargeting, does not provide an in-depth understanding of the retailer’s customers nor allow for marketing to sources beyond email & desktop.

Their team has turned to Narrative to power their data strategy.

  • Tap into mobile advertising solutions and reach customers on mediums outside of desktop & email marketing
  • Better understand customer demographic data, specifically male versus female within the age range of 25-45
  • Understand which applications customers are spending time in


Narrative Solution

  • ID Mapping -- Narrative matches both the retailer’s hashed emails & cookie IDs to corresponding MAIDs
  • Demographic Data Enhancement -- Narrative enhances the new MAID list with gender & age data, allowing them to understand Male/Female breakout and bucket the MAIDs into a 25-45 age range
  • Digital Consumption Data -- Retailer Z maps the list of MAIDs to any mobile application with recent app activity (app installed, opened, or in-app activity) in the past 30 days. 



Using Narrative’s Acquire Platform, Retailer Z is able to execute multiple data strategies based on just one list of 1st party data. Leveraging a variety of buy order tactics offered in Narrative, a simple list of emails & cookie IDs can be transformed into mobile centric data ready to be put into action. With a new list of MAIDs, enhanced with age, gender, and recent app activity, Retailer Z can now reach their customer base through mobile focussed ad campaigns leveraging both the mobile ad IDs and the application IDs obtained from buying this data through Narrative.