Is there any curation of Universal Onboarding data? For example, are linkages with an unrealistic number of connections excluded?

Learn how Universal Onboarding ensures high-quality data for your onboarding needs.

Yes, identity data used for Universal Onboarding is filtered. A subset of ID Mapping data available in the Data Streams Marketplace is subjected to business logic before it is added to the graph used to power Universal Onboarding.

  • Groupings of more than 96 connected unique IDs are discarded, including all contained linkages.
  • HEM<>HEM linkages are not stored.
  • An individual linkage is discarded after a contained ID reaches its expiration time. Expiration times by ID type are as follows:
    • Cookies: 14 days
    • MAIDs: 120 days
    • HEMs: 120 days

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