Learn about Universal Onboarding

Narrative's Universal Onboarding is a self-service app for easily bringing offline customer data online.

What is Universal Onboarding?

Narrative's Universal Onboarding app is a solution for matching offline customer data with digital identifiers to reach your customers online. 

The Universal Onboarding app is simple to use—onboard your customer data yourself in a few simple steps and get matches delivered in 1 hour. You can access Narrative's network of identity data providers to onboard your data quickly and efficiently without sharing out your customer information.

How is Universal Onboarding different from competing onboarding services?

Existing solutions are opaque and costly and may take weeks to execute. Narrative brings a simple and intuitive approach to onboarding offline data assets with speed and transparency from the world’s leading data suppliers.

Anyone can use the Universal Onboarding app for free to forecast your addressable data and onboard a limited number of IDs (while paying for the cost of data).

Typical onboarding services: Universal Onboarding:
Take 10-14 days to receive results Results delivered in 1 hour
Opaque pricing Free, instant match forecast
Require steep purchase minimums Accessible, with no long-term commitments
Extensive back-and-forth with onboarding broker Simple self-service app
Black box Pay providers directly for data

How does it work?

The technology behind Universal Onboarding makes it possible for buyers to onboard efficiently across multiple providers while paying only for matched, addressable identifiers.

Learn about the graph technology powering Universal Onboarding

How do I get started?

It's easy! Please see How do I use Universal Onboarding?