Learn about Universal Onboarding for Providers

Frequently asked questions by identity providers about Universal Onboarding

What is Universal Onboarding?

Narrative's Universal Onboarding app allows buyers to find additional identifiers to reach their customers online by efficiently purchasing data from identity data providers on the Narrative data streaming platform.

Providers on the Narrative platform can make their identity data available for Universal Onboarding customers.

How is Universal Onboarding different from competing onboarding services?

Existing solutions are opaque, costly, manual and take weeks to execute. Narrative brings a simple and intuitive approach onboarding offline data assets with speed and transparency from the world’s leading data suppliers.

Typical onboarding services: Universal Onboarding:
Black box Full provider control, with revenue share across providers who contributed to each match
Require steep purchase minimums No purchase minimums or long-term commitments
Take 10-14 days to receive results Results delivered in 1 hour
Extensive back-and-forth with onboarding broker Simple self-service app

How does it work?

Why is there a $0.50 CPM floor price and how will orders be filled?

Setting a floor price allows the providers in Universal Onboarding to remain competitive. The $0.50 CPM is reflective of the current market share as well as the anticipated high volume of business. As always, you can name your price but orders will be filled beginning with the lowest CPM and ladder up. If you have any questions on how to competitively price your data, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager for additional guidance.

How are providers paid for Universal Onboarding?

A buyer pays each provider for the number of edges contributed in the paths used to onboard the source records from a customer's ID list.

For example:


Provider A has an edge linking a Placekey to a SHA-256 hashed email.

Provider B has an edge linking the SHA-256 hashed email to a MAID.

In this scenario, either Provider A alone nor Provider B alone would be able to onboard a record from a starting ID (Placekey) to a deliverable ID (MAID), but combining their edges into one path completes the onboarding journey and makes a sale possible.

In this example, Provider A and Provider B are each paid by the buyer for 1 edge in the customer's onboarding journey from Placekey→hashed email→MAID.

The total edges a provider contributes in Universal Onboarding matching are priced at the rate indicated by the provider's sell offer CPM.

Narrative takes a marketplace fee from each provider's transacted data value.

Getting Started

If you are already a provider of ID Mapping data on the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace: Contact your Partner Success Manager for instructions on how to make your data available in Universal Onboarding.

If you are new to data monetization with Narrative: please see the Distribute Marketplace Onboarding guide to get started.