What is an order line item?

Line Items are separate buying strategies based on a single data package type with its own constraints & settings that live under a Buy Order


Within every Buy Order lives at least one Line Item. While Buy Orders act as a container to represent a single data acquisition plan, The Line Item is responsible to define specific data package types and buying constraints that roll up to the buy order level's particular strategy.

Creating a Line Item

First select a new Buy Order using the "Buy Data +" button located on the upper right-hand corner. Once on the New Order page, you can select to create a "New Line Item".

Components of a Line Item

A line item has a number of components that need to be defined by the user.  Each component defines a subset of the line items behavior.

Name & Data Package Type

First step is to name & define the data type you want to buy. Select from one of the several data package types Narrative offers. 

Configure Constraints

Next, select all appropriate data constraints. Certain options will change based on the data package type selected. Some common constraints among Line Items are:


Define how often you want to buy against duplicate data points. Use a defined look-back window & deduplication strategy based on a single or multiple data point. For an in-depth look at using Frequency in Narrative, read more here


Set your max bid price for a single line item, in USD per 1000 events. Line Items will only transact on sell offers that have the same data type & constraints and a price point at or below the line items max bid price*. 

Line Items do NOT have a defined overall budget, the only pricing component being the max bid price. Budgets are defined at the Buy Order level, which means Line Items will continue to transact on data until the buy order budget limit is reached or until after the buying timeframe has been exceeded. 

If a certain Line Item needs its own defined budget (i.e. do not spend more than $1,000 / month), it should be created separately under its own Buy Order. With only one line item, the Buy Order budget will also act as the Line Item budget. 

*Different data packages have different rates. Make sure your bid is high enough to be eligible & competitive for that data type. For more information on data rates, contact your Partner Success Manager. 


Line Items can be set to Active or Inactive. Both the buy order and line item need to be set to active to begin transacting on data.