Narrative File Downloads

Download a subscription's files straight to your local machine through Narrative's subscriptions tab.


Narrative offers multiple ways to receive files created from a subscription. By default, Narrative users will always have the "Narrative Download" toggled on and may select other destinations in addition. This article will explain where Narrative downloads show up in the checkout process and how to access them once their data has been delivered. 

Narrative's Download Destination 

Narrative's Download option appears during the Destination step of the checkout workflow. Users cannot deselect the Narrative Download toggle as a way of ensuring that they will always have access to their subscription's files. 


Users are encouraged to add other 3rd-party destinations as file destinations before continuing through the checkout process. 

Accessing Narrative Downloads 

Users will have access to the first round of downloadable files a couple of hours after they place their order. Data Stream Marketplace and Data Shops customers will receive subsequent file delivers during the first of every month. Buyer Studio users should review Buyer Studio: Subscription Cadence to learn more about specific subscription cadence options. 

Users can access their subscriptions via the subscriptions icon located at the top right corner of a Data Shop or It is important to note that Data Shops do not house app.narrative subscriptions and does not house Data Shops subscriptions. Customers must travel to the URL in which they placed the subscription in order to find the downloadable files. 


After clicking the subscriptions tab in the top right, users will have the ability to filter and search against all their active subscriptions. Users can filter by date created, alphabetical order, or subscription ID or search by using the search bar located on the lefthand side. Users should click on a subscription to expand its to access the desired files.  


Customers should then select the "Show Downloads" button to reveal all the files available for download. Files come sorted by date to make it easy to select the most recent one. Finally, users should select the "Download" button located on the righthand side to begin downloading files onto their local machine. Subscriptions that do not have downloadable files available yet will inform the user that their order is still being processed. Customers should return in a couple of hours to find files available for download. Please reach out to if a subscription's files are taking longer than expected to arrive.