Narrative's pricing is based on your Platform Usage and Marketplace activity. 

Pay-as-you-go lets you buy or sell data with no up-front costs or minimum commitments.

Committed-Usage lets you lock in deeply discounted usage rates and Premium Support when you commit to a set amount of Platform Usage over a period of time.

Talk to our sales team about the Usage Rate Discounts for Committed-Usage.

Platform Fees

Platform Usage includes data storage, processing, and transfer

  Pay-as-you-go Committed-Usage
Storage $5.00/GB varies
Processing $5.00/GB varies
Transfer $5.00/GB varies

is based on the average gigabyte-hours per month of all Client Data stored in Client’s Narrative Account, including all object data and metadata. The average gigabyte-hours per month is calculated by taking an hourly snapshot of all Client Data and averaging this across the total hours in a given month. 

Processing is based on the bytes processed per month in the course of Client’s usage of Narrative’s Products and Services, including but not limited to: transactions on the Narrative Marketplace or private transactions, forecasting, and order management and fulfillment. For all transactions, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Processing usage and related fees will be allocated to or incurred solely by: (a) the party that orders a given transaction; or (b) the Data Shop Client for transactions taking place within a Data Shop.  

Transfer (Ingress or Egress): Transfer is calculated as the volume of bytes transferred per month in or out of Client’s Narrative Account. Transfer to or from Client-owned locations within AWS Region “us-east-1” (US East, N. Virginia) will not incur Transfer Fees. 

Calculation of Usage: Storage, Processing, and Transfer are calculated in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB is 2³⁰ bytes. Similarly, 1 TB is 2⁴⁰ bytes, i.e. 1024 GBs.

Marketplace Fees

  Pay-as-you-go Committed-Usage
Data Transaction Fee 25% varies

The Data Transaction Fee is calculated from the total dollar amount exchanged between parties in connection with the purchase or sale of data through Narrative Products and Services. 

Narrative neither buys nor sells data. We provide software that powers commercial data transactions between companies. Prices for data itself are set by and paid to Data Sellers using Narrative's software.