What does an order's status mean?

An order can be set to a number of different statuses which impact the expected behavior of that order.

An order is the mechanism by which both buyers and sellers set up their data acquisition and data monetization strategies.  Each order has an associated status that defines its expected output. The statuses are:

  • Active
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Inactive


Active Status

When an order's status is set to Active it will be executed at the order's pre-set cadence (daily by default).  If an order is set to Active and isn't producing the expected output, the cause is likely with the order's settings and not with the status.

Awaiting Approval Status

Some orders require approval before being set to Active.  If you've created an order and the status is showing "Awaiting Approval," it is currently in the approval queue.  Depending on your company's settings, the approval queue may be managed by someone within your organization or by the Narrative Partner Success team.  If the order does not receive approval, you will be notified as to the reason and given a chance to change the order settings.

Orders with the Awaiting Approval status will not run.

Inactive Status

An order that is set to Inactive is turned off and will not run.  This status is typically reserved for orders that have not completed setup, those that are not ready to run, and for orders that have completed and no longer need to produce output.

Filtering Orders by Status

On the Order Listing screen, you can filter existing orders by their status.  To do so, use the tabs at the top of the page.  Clicking on a status will filter the orders on the page to those that have the selected status.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 11.01.26 AM

Setting an Order's Status

An order's status can be set when creating or editing an order.


An order's status defines if and when it will be run and should be checked if an order isn't producing the expected output.