Data Packages (Data Dictionary)

Narrative offers several data packages that act as a standard for what can be bought and sold on the platform. Each data package has its own schema which can be found in the following data dictionary - right click tables to expand.

Note: Blue columns are required

Digital Consumption 

App and web usage associated with a mobile ID.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 3.37.48 PM

Consumption Types

pview: Browser based page view

app_open: Native application being opened

app_action: User action within native application

app_present: Native application is currently installed

app_install: Native application being installed

app_uninstall: Native application being uninstalled

iap: Purchase occurred inside the native application

social_share: Represents someone sharing the resource

social_comment: Represents a comment left in a social context


Represents the declared age of a consumer through online registration or survey.

Age- Schema-2020_2


Represents the declared gender of a consumer from registration data.


Device Characteristics

Describes the device a given user has operated.


Identifier Mapping

Links two identifiers to a single user.



Provides exact latitude, longitude, and points of interest via GPS and beacons.


Purchase Transactions

The best way to understand consumer preference is by understanding how they spend their hard earned money.


TV Viewership

Better understand how people are consuming television content.



Download .csv samples of all of our standard schema's here