What are Consumption Types?

Review different types online actions & behavior that can be leveraged in a buy order


Consumption types are signals & information recorded off a user's device - mobile or desktop - that represent specific actions and behaviors. These data points are typically collected via an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows the SDK owner to record information off a mobile device when user permissions are properly given. 


Narrative currently has 7 consumption types available to purchase.

Consumption Type Source Definition
Page View Mobile Web, Desktop User viewed a web page via mobile phone or desktop
App Install Mobile, in-app User installed an app via mobile phone
App Present Mobile, in-app User has an app on their mobile phone

Within Narrative

These different types of user behavior are located in a Digital Consumption buy order. Users can choose from all or a subset of the consumption types and couple this with URIs to purchase users who have performed a certain online behavior against a specific app list. 

Use Case - Competitor Conquesting

Popular Ride Sharing Company wants to purchase all Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) in the US that have installed their competitors app in the last 90-days.

  • Choose the Digital Consumption Package
  • Select app_open consumption type against the competitor URI
  • Set buying timeframe to 90-days 

Ride Sharing Company can now target, market, and analyze the MAIDs that have opened their competitor's app.