How do I set up Direct Deals in Acquire?

Learn how to use a direct deal to buy data from a supplier based on a private agreement of price, volume, and data constraints.


Buyers in the Narrative Marketplace can choose to buy data on the open market or as a direct deal with a preferred seller. As a buyer, a direct deal will allow you to purchase data from one of the many existing supplier in Narrative based on your own agreed terms in a private marketplace. 

A direct deal will have the same components as an open market Buy Order, allowing you to choose the type of data you want to buy, the price point, and which seller to transact against. 

Direct Deals require corresponding deals by both the supplier & the buyer for transactions to start. 

Creating a Direct Deal

Under the Buy tab, select the option for Direct Deal. Once on the home page, select New Direct Deal on the right hand side.

Now create a new Line Item that will live under the Direct Deal -- a Direct Deal can have multiple line items, typically differentiated by a certain data type or buying strategy.

All data package types & constraints are available under Direct Deals, same as they are for open market offers buy orders. Choose the corresponding package type and select the constraints for the data you want to purchase. 

Once your buy settings are complete, choose the appropriate Transacting Company:                                   

Next, define the budget constraints. You can choose between hourly, daily, monthly, or as a one-time sale                                                                                                         

Your direct deal will begin transacting only when:

  • Both the Buy & Sell side direct deals are active 
  • Both orders are using corresponding data type, constraints, and budget
  • Timeframe to buy & sell data is live for both orders

Interested in setting up a direct deal with a current supplier in Narrative? We would be happy to connect you! Reach out to your Partner Success Manager today or contact us at