What ID mappings does Narrative offer?

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Within an Identifier Mapping buy order, users choose between a variety of ID types that they want to make a connection to. ID Mapping buys will transact against suppliers who link two identifiers to a single user, such as email to a mobile phone. This data can be effectively used to expand targeting into different strategies like desktop, email and mobile. 

ID Types & Common Linkages


Hashed Email (HEM)

md5, sha1, sha256

  • Collected through newsletters, registrations & sign-ups, and other online properties where an email is entered or required
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is removed at the point of hashing

Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs)


  • A unique pseudo-anonymous identifier tied to a mobile phone, often collected from developers through APIs offered on the device


  • Storage mechanism that are associated with a web browser (mobile web or desktop) and are specific to the domain of the collected data
  • Specific to the domain of the data collected (Amazon different than Google)

Common Linkages

Below are examples of the types of ID Mapping Linkages available through a variety of suppliers in Narrative.

Hashed Email<>MAID

  • Supplier has made a connection of (1) Hashed Email to (1) Mobile Advertising ID
  • Example: user created an in-app login with an email address, since done within an app that MAID is collected as well, making the connection of HEM<>MAID

Cookie<>MAID or Hashed Email

  • Narrative can provide cookie to MAID mappings by using supplier Cookie Syncs
  • Narrative supports Suppliers that provide their own ID Mapping of their unique Cookie IDs to either hashed emails or MAIDs
    • Supplier cookie data is typically collected from a web browser when a user visits on a desktop or mobile device
    • A cookie is fired and that device is collected and both are mapped to each other
  • To standardize different supplier mappings, Narrative creates their own cookie ID (Narrative Cookie) mapped to the additional identifier, as an email hash or MAID
  • This allows different Cookie IDs from different Suppliers to be linked to a shared value in Narrative (Narrative Cookie)

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