What is a Data Package?

A data package is a standardized schema that represents a particular type of data.


A Data Package is a pre-defined standard for the types of data that can be bought and solder using Narrative's Data Streaming Platform.  Data Packages create commonality between sellers of data around a particular data asset class.  Data Packages consist of both required and optional fields.

Required Fields

Required fields are attributes that need to be present for a data record to be considered eligible as part of a data package.  For the event to qualify, it must contain all of the required fields within a data package.

Optional Fields

Optional fields are attributes that may exist within a data record but are not required for a record to be considered eligible for a data package.  These fields may not be present on any given record within a data package, and some suppliers may never send these attributes.

Supported Data Packages

Narrative's Data Streaming Platform currently supports eight standard Data Packages.  Over time we intend to add more data packages as supply and demand warrant.   If there is a data package, you would like to see supported, please contact us.

A comprehensive list of current Data Packages can be found here.