What is a data stream? (Data Shops)

A data stream is a subset of a dataset packaged into a product for sale.


After creating a dataset, providers create data streams in Seller Studio to make slices of their data available for purchase on their Data Shop. 

A data stream is a subset of a dataset that is packaged for sale. Create data streams to make subsets of data readily accessible to buyers in an e-commerce experience and to generate new customer leads.

Data Stream Components

Product description

Provide a product name, description, image, category, and tags for your data stream.

Each data stream is housed at a unique product page URL or slug that can be crawled by Google Search to bring in new customers.

Data rules

Data rules consist of the filters defining what records are included in a data stream and the columns/fields that get delivered to data stream buyers.

Filters. When applying a filter to a field in a dataset, choose between:

  • Include all values (including records where the field is null)
  • Include if present (only take records where the field is not null)
  • Custom (apply more specific logic for what records are included in the data stream)


Make a data stream available for sale on the Data Streams Marketplace and/or your Data Shop. Have the flexibility to choose different prices for each channel, or remove all offers to take your data stream off the market.