What are Narrative Outbound Connectors?

Use Narrative Outbound Connectors to directly send data outside of Narrative's ecosystem

Send Data Where? 

Historically, Narrative users could only download their subscriptions straight from Narrative's platform, similar to how one would download any file off of their browser. In doing so, the process to reach the order's use cases ended up becoming long and convoluted. Now with the help of third party applications like Facebook and AWS S3, users can seamlessly send their data off of Narrative's platform. 

How does it work? 

Users can now deliver data to their desired location without anyone at Narrative lifting a finger. The process involves no code, meaning nontechnical end users can easily set up and manage their delivery preferences through the UI. Need to update the location? No problem. Users can add new destinations without Narrative's explicit approval. 

The process is repeatable and testable for each data delivery in a given subscription. There is no need to wonder if a subscription will safely go through thanks to Narrative's "Test Connection" button. Using this button, users can test if their data delivery will send data to the correct location. If the test fails, simply reconfigure the endpoint before the scheduled data delivery. 

Our no code solution comes in two parts: a Narrative app that users must install + connector 'quick settings' configurable during the checkout process  

Connector Apps 

Users must install the respective third party Connector App in order to create the endpoint. For example, sending data directly to an S3 bucket requires installing and configuring the S3 Connector app. Connector Apps are available on the Apps page and allow the user to...

  1. Authorize Narrative to send data to a third party application 
  2. Setup profiles attached to specific locations within the third party application
  3. Test Narrative's connection with each location  

Connector Checkout Settings

Connector checkout settings automatically become available once the Connector App is correctly setup. The settings appear during the "Destination" portion of the checkout stepper and allow the user to... 

  1. Select the profile (location within the third party application) for a specific subscription 
  2. Optionally select a subdirectory within the profile's location to store the subscription
  3. Select the number of files the order should arrive in