What is a URI List?

A URI list is a collection of uniform resource identifiers that can be used for data filtering and data exploration in Narrative's Data Streaming Platform.


A URI list is a collection of uniform resource identifiers that often have some commonality.  URI lists are one type of list supported via Narrative.  URI lists allow users to perform functions within the platform that aren't limited to a single URI.

Example List

Common usage for a URI list is to group URIs with a common attribute into a single object.  An example of such a list might be "Android Meditation Apps."  The list may then be constructed with the following URIs.



Both buyers and sellers can leverage URI lists to filter data within an order line item.  When creating or editing the line item users can navigate to the URI filter modal and then choose the appropriate URI list.  This has the same effect of choosing all of the apps in the list individually in the same modal.

Exploration via Data Discovery Assistant

URI lists can be used as seed data when using Data Discovery Assistant.  When setting up a model the user can choose a URI list as the model input.  Data Discovery Assistant will then look for devices where those URIs have been seen and use the resulting IDs as the seed for the model.  Using a URI list is functionally equivalent to putting in each URI manually as part of the model setup.

Additional Information

Wikipedia: Lists (abstract data type)