What is Digital Consumption data?

Digital Consumption data refers to either web or app usage data

What is it?

Simply put, Digital Consumption data is information related to mobile apps, website and their users. With the growing amount of apps and app users today, the data type has garnered a lot of buyer interest as is currently the main focus of our Data Streaming Platform.

Who uses Digital Consumption data?

Digital Consumption is collected and used by app developers, businesses owning mobile apps, companies looking to enrich their current data and app marketers. 

By using digital consumption data, businesses can:

  • Find new potential markets based on app trends
  • Acquire competitive knowledge by tracking usage and engagement and downloads

Using digital consumption data can enable a marketing team to better understand user patterns.

What are Digital Consumption Data attributes?

Digital Consumption purchased via a Narrative Buy Order follows a standardized schema as seen below:


This is generally broken down by a user tied to a specific app or website and associated with a specific type of usage. The usage can be any of the following:

pview: Browser based page view

app_open: Native application being opened

app_action: User action within native application

app_present: Native application is currently installed

app_install: Native application being installed

app_uninstall: Native application being uninstalled

iap: Purchase occurred inside the native application

social_share: Represents someone sharing the resource

social_comment: Represents a comment left in a social context

How is Digital Consumption Data usually collected?

There are a few different ways that data providers collect app usage data. Some earlier methods include sending a survey form asking for a user's experience on a specific application, or sending emails to your app users asking for their input

More typically, data providers often use software connected to applications which track usage and then report that information back to the data collector. 

How is Digital Consumption Data typically priced?

There are usually three pricing models for Digital Consumption data all typically on a 30 day omni-use license:

  • Subscription: Gives you access to a real time data delivery on a 30 day subscription basis.
  • One time buy order: You set up a Buy Order with a specified budget that can transact once or set up to recur over a specific time period
  • Direct deal: If you have specific needs, you can discuss this with the data provider to come to terms that work best for you.