What is the difference between TTD's 1st Party and 3rd Party Endpoints?

TTD considers data that a user owns or has licensed outside of TTD to be 1P data, and data that is purchased within their marketplace to be 3P data.

Within TTD, data can arrive via one of two technical integration routes:

TTD First Party (1P) Data Endpoint

First Party (1P) data is data that is delivered directly into a TTD advertiser’s account when the data is owned by the advertiser or has been licensed to them outside of TTD’s marketplace. It is indistinguishable from other segments that live in an advertiser’s account, even when delivered by an external provider such as Narrative. No financial transaction takes place within TTD for the utilization of this data.

TTD Third Party (3P) Data Marketplace

Third Party (3P) data is data that is delivered to TTD’s marketplace and made available to all advertisers or a subset of advertisers. This data carries a price that is determined by data usage, which TTD

Participation in TTD marketplace requires paperwork signed directly between the data provider (Narrative customer) and TTD. Please reach out to your account representative at TTD for more information on starting this process if you do not already have this paperwork in place.

💡 Note that only once paperwork is signed with TTD does a data provider get their TTD data provider “Brand ID” which is required to activate Narrative’s TTD 3P Connector App.

For more information, see How does the Trade Desk 3rd Party Data Marketplace work?