How do seller whitelists and blacklists work?

Control which buyers in the Narrative Marketplace have access to your data


Narrative's Data Streaming Platform consists of buyers & sellers of data who are part of an open marketplace. Both parties have control of who they can sell to and buy from. Review below the steps needed to create whitelists or blacklists as a seller. 

Set your Buyers

Within a Sell Offer are several components, one being the ability to choose which buyers have access to the corresponding Sell Offer. 

After you have selected your Data Package Type, the next step is to grant permission to all or a subset of buyers. Both Whitelists & Blacklists can contain multiple companies.


No restriction - this Sell Offer is available to all buyers in the Marketplace

Whitelist - this Sell Offer is only available to Narrative (the buyer)

Blacklist - this Sell Offer is not available to Narrative (the buyer)