Why don't I have matches in Universal Onboarding?

If you couldn't find matches against your source data in Universal Onboarding, have no fear. Here are some possible workarounds.

Use a bigger list

Universal Onboarding calculates a real-time match forecast by sampling your source data before scanning the ID graph for matches. The smaller your source data, the smaller the sample, and the more difficult it will be to find matches. 

Lists containing at least 20,000 IDs are most likely to match. If you are unable to find matches against a list of 20,000+ IDs, you may want to try another workaround.

Upload raw emails to be hashed

If you are using a file of already hashed emails, it's possible that the hashes are bad. We recommend uploading a file of raw emails, which will be securely hashed on your computer before being used to match against the 1.9 billion IDs in Universal Onboarding.

You can also use Touchless PII Hasher to securely hash raw emails on your computer, then download and modify the resulting file into a format supported in Universal Onboarding.

Follow best hashing practices

If you are hashing your own email addresses, make sure you are adhering to hashing conventions. Prior to hashing, you should

  • Lowercase all text and
  • Remove spaces and extra characters

Universal Onboarding and Touchless PII Hasher will take care of these steps for you when hashing your data.

Check the ID types in your existing list

Universal Onboarding currently supports onboarding from email addresses to MAIDs. If you Pick an existing list to onboard, make sure that your list contains hashed emails (MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 hashes are all supported). If you uploaded a file of raw email addresses, Universal Onboarding will hash your file and save the resulting hashed emails as a list.

Contact support

We want to help your data find matches! Please use the Narrative chatbot or reach out to support@narrative.io for assistance.